How It Works

Consignment Guidelines For Upscale Resale:

Our goal is to offer our customers stylish, quality merchandise that may be new or gently used. In order to maintain our standards and make UPSCALE RESALE a fun place to shop, we ask our consignors to adhere to these guidelines.

Consignment items are accepted by appointment only!

During your appointment we will look at no more than 25 items!

Clothing must be clean, pressed, on hangers or folded flat in a box,  No Clothing in Plastic Bags will be Accepted.  Clothing must be of current styles and in excellent condition.
Home items must be clean and free of dust.

Consignment item pricing is determined by UPSCALE RESALE .  If you are leaving an item of value, you must share the amount you are considering for sale price at the time of your appointment.  Keep track of your items if you need to.  We will make a list of your items available 48 hours after your appointment not during appointment.

Consignment split is 50/50 for ALL items.  Household and Clothing items are kept on the floor for 60 Days.  Furniture remains on the floor for 90 Days.  At the end of the consignment period, Consignors may pick up their items if they so desire.  A list will be printed of the remaining items  and it is the consignors responsibility to go through the store and pick up whatever items remain on the floor.   If a consignor chooses not to pick up their items, that is perfectly acceptable, they will go through the sale process and eventually cycle out to donation.  will be donated to charity or disposed of as  UPSCALE RESALE  sees fit.

It is the consignor’s responsibility to check on their account.  Checks will be issued anytime there is $15.00 or more in the account.  NO CHECKS WILL BE ISSUED FOR UNDER $15.00.  Amounts under $15.00 can be used immediately for store credit or the consignor may let their account build up until the amount reaches $15.00.  We can mail your check for a $2.00 service fee or you may pick up your check at the store.  There is no Service Charge for checks picked up at the store.   Consignors may use their store credit on purchases made in the store at any time.

 UPSCALE RESALE  works very hard to insure the security of items left on consignment, however we cannot accept responsibility for lost, stolen or damaged items.

We WILL NOT accept clothing that is not clean, pressed, on hangers, wrinkled, faded, soiled, stained, lint, pet hair, odors, out of season, or out dated ( 3 years or older), mismatched sizes, tags cut out, monogrammed items, names written on items, loose or missing buttons, snaps, or clasps, etc…

If you are interested in consigning with us here at  UPSCALE RESALE  please feel free to contact us at 843-272-4787 to schedule an Appointment!